Tortellini (english version)

Recipe of the filling of the "real Tortellini Bologna"


Solemnly declared by the Delegation of Bologna of the Italian Kitchen and the Brotherhood of Learned and Tortellino with a deed filed December 7, 1974 at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, Palazzo della Merchandise. 


  • Pork loin, gr. 300
  • Prosciutto, gr. 300
  • Vera mortadella di Bologna, gr. 300
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano, gr. 450
  • Hen's egg, no 3
  • Nutmeg


It must be very careful. The loin should be taken to stand for two days with over a chopped mixture of salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic, so it's slow cooked with a little 'butter and then removed from the pan and cleaned up its beat. Finally, possibly with battilardo is very finely minced loin, ham and sausage and mix everything with the Parmesan cheese and eggs, adding a dash of nutmeg. The dough must be mixed for a long time until it is well mixed and must be allowed to stand for at least twenty-four hours before filling tortellini.
Of course, the goodness of the filling depends on the quality of raw materials. To enjoy a good tortellini, it is essential to have an excellent broth that you get put into the pot a free-range capon (not raised with the feed) with the addition of those parts of beef known to be suitable to make broth (brisket, duplicate , falata, etc.).. 

Preparation according to art for about 1,000 tortellini. 

Recipe of the typical characteristics of the classic "Tortellini di Bologna" or: "how to make tortellini"


Solemnly declared by the "Brotherhood of Dotta Tortellino" February 19, 2008 and filed with a deed April 15, 2008 at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, Palazzo della Merchandise. 

Ingredients for the pastry (serves 4):

  • Flour type 00, gr. 400 
  • Eggs, No 4 (if necessary you can add 1 / 2 shell of water) 
  • A pinch of salt

     For working: 

  • 1-2 tablespoons flour


Preparation of dough 
Handmade dough with skill and a refined game of rolling pin, the thin sheet thus obtained is rolled up a towel and do a little dry, then it is ready to be rolled out on a platter and be cut into squares.

Shape of Tortellino 
Boxes of 4 to 4.5 cm per side, in which the center was laid just the right amount of filling. Must be made small, so you can fit in a good number, in a soup spoon.

Preparation of Tortellino 

The box folds back on itself thus forming a triangular shape thanks to the prodigious dexterity of housewives Bologna interweaves the edges of the sheet around the tip of the index finger and a light finger pressure, it closes. The classic Tortellino must be more than 5 grams, cooked and served in capon broth. 


"The Merchandise. Stories of tortellini, tagliatelle e. .." 
Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture in Bologna